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Harvesting oysters from FlipFarm baskets is one of the four important farming tasks of the FlipFarm system. With no bending or lifting required, the FlipFarm oyster harvesting equipment is a joy to use.

Productivity dialed up

With the potential for one operator to empty 15 baskets per minute, what was once a backbreaking, slow process is now one of the most efficient and enjoyable.

Easy to operate

The FlipFarm harvesting system can be comfortably operated by a wide range of staff.

Due to the design of the FlipFarm system, the harvesting process can be operated without lifting or bending.

For larger operations it is now also possible to feed oysters directly into the FlipFarm sorter for on-water processing.

A simple process

A single operator opens the basket doors allowing the baskets to rotate and empty the oysters onto a conveyor.

The 12 volt or hydraulic powered conveyor carries oysters up to a comfortable working height on the harvesting vessel ready for transport in crates or bulk handling systems.

Once emptied the baskets exit the empty platform and automatically rotate onto their floats, allowing them to dry, ready for refilling.

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