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Deployment of oysters into the FlipFarm baskets is one of the four important farming tasks of the FlipFarm system. The oyster deployment equipment allows for stress free and efficient FlipFarm operation.

Keeping it all on the farm

Like all FlipFarm tasks, refilling baskets after sorting is done directly on the farm. Eliminating the need to transfer bulky growing equipment allows a large number of oysters to be transported at one time.

Purpose built platform and baskets

The use of the purpose designed FlipFarm basket filling platform provides for quick and easy deployment of oysters after land or sea-based size sorting is complete.

Due to the design of the Hexcyl Pro baskets the oysters require very little wave action to quickly disperse across the basket providing for even, consistent growth and meat conditioning.

A simple, smooth process

Baskets that have been dried after harvesting are guided over the equipment in a steady flow using the electric or hydraulic line hauler.

Baskets rotate into position ready to be opened and filled.

Once the doors have been closed the baskets exit the filling platform into the grow position.

Triple your efficiency

The use of a 3-way funnel allows crates of oysters to be tipped in and split evenly. This effectively fills 3 baskets at once.

A team of 3 can comfortably fill 20 baskets per minute using the FlipFarm basket filling platform. Spat can also be deployed using this system without the 3-way funnel.

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