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Flipping oyster baskets using the Helicat flipper is fun and productive! Flipping for bio-fouling control and product quality is a vital component of the FlipFarm system.

The benefits are huge

Effective bio-fouling control provides so many benefits such as oyster quality, improved growth rates and more efficient operation of the equipment. FlipFarm’s Helicat has revolutionized this process and provided new levels of efficiency but best of all it is just as fun as it looks!

FlipFarm makes it effortless

The FlipFarm system was specifically designed to enable effortless, high-speed bio-fouling control.

When installed into our Helicat catamaran, the helix is able to be operated easily by one person to flip baskets out or back into the water without the operator leaving the helm.

Safe for oysters and their environment

Each basket is able to individually rotate. This enables the use of machinery to gently flip each basket onto its float, holding it clear of the water and allowing nature to control biofouling without the use of chemicals or pressure washing.

High speed with an impressive turn-over

Much like an automated bottling line, the process can be applied at high speed through the use of our specially designed helix machinery.

What was once the most physical task on our oyster farm is now one of the favorites. An entire farm can now be treated with one operator at a speed of up to 7000 baskets per hour.

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