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The World's First & Finest

Patented Semi-Automated
Oyster Growing System

Revolutionising Oyster Production

FlipFarm is more than just an efficient growing system, it is the catalyst to a new way of thinking.

FlipFarm takes efficiency and equipment resilience to a level never seen before in oyster farming.

An ingenious mix of simplicity and design, FlipFarm provides an ideal environment for oyster growth, conditioning and hardening along with the ability to have complete control over bio-fouling, pests and predators.

FlipFarm, the world’s first and finest semi-automated oyster growing system.

Key farming tasks

FlipFarm completes all the key farming tasks in an efficient and smooth process that is not only extremely effective but a whole lot of fun!

ONE : Deployment

Like all FlipFarm tasks, refilling baskets after sorting is done directly on the farm. Eliminating the need to transfer bulky growing equipment allows a large number of oysters to be transported at one time.

Due to the design of the Hexcyl Pro baskets the oysters require very little wave action to quickly disperse across the basket providing for even, consistent growth and meat conditioning.

TWO : Harvesting

The FlipFarm harvesting system can be comfortably operated by a wide range of staff. With the potential for one operator to empty 20 baskets per minute, what was once a backbreaking, slow process is now one of the most efficient and enjoyable.

For larger operations it is now also possible to feed oysters directly into the FlipFarm sorter for on-water processing.

THREE : Flipping

What was once the most physical task on an oyster farm is now one of the favorites. An entire farm can now be treated with one operator at a speed of up to 7000 baskets per hour.

It is well known that bio-fouling control is a key requirement for contained oyster growing systems. Air drying or desiccation is an effective and efficient method to control a wide range of biofouling species. The FlipFarm system was specifically designed to enable effortless, high-speed bio-fouling control.

FOUR : Sorting

The New FlipFarm sorter is the fastest, most compact oyster sorter in the world.

The compact design and capacity of up to 1.5 million oysters per hour, provides a range of installation options. The ability to sort oysters and repack for deployment all while feeding directly from FlipFarm baskets offers next-level efficiency.

Self clearing sorting screens and fully adaptable shaker speed allows a range of control from super gentle to more aggressive tumbling action. Fully hydraulic operation and stainless components allows for easy vessel or land based installation and all over salt water washdown capacity.

The components

FlipFarm components have been developed through years of testing in harsh environments around the world.

High quality HDPE and Acetal plastics along with smart design have resulted in a system that can provide a long service life in a wide range of conditions.

Components have been designed for fast and easy assembly and FlipFarm provides all training and installation instructions.

Interactive Farm Tour

Click on the play button and be taken on a full interactive tour of how FlipFarm works and the key farm tasks.

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